Rick and morty's dialogue into a song

Musician Wert Harsh has taken some of the most memorable dialogue from the popular animated show Rick and Morty and turned it into a catchy and unique song. The track, which features Harsh's smooth vocals and impressive beatboxing skills, is titled "Love is Just a Chemical Reaction."

The song opens with the show's central character Rick Sanchez declaring "Love is just a chemical reaction that compels animals to breed." Harsh then jumps in with a driving beat and some smooth harmonies, as he sings about the science behind love and relationships.

Other memorable lines from the show make appearances throughout the song, including Morty's anxious pleas of "I'm not your personal assistant, Rick!" and Summer's sarcastic quips. The lyrics perfectly capture the dynamic between the show's characters, and Harsh's vocals add an extra layer of emotion and depth to the already powerful words.

Overall, Wert Harsh's collaboration with Rick and Morty has resulted in a thought-provoking and enjoyable track that will surely appeal to fans of both the show and the musician. If you're a fan of Rick and Morty or just looking for some unique and interesting music, "Love is Just a Chemical Reaction" is definitely worth a listen.

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